Enlarger Cream


The average penis size of an adult male is 7 1/4 inches. According to a 1998 survey of 5,000 American women conducted by respected women’s sexuality magazine Her, the “most satisfying” penis length is 9 1/2 inches. Are you measuring up? Are you a “minute man” with a short schlong and no holding power?

Has your girlfriend ever commented that she needs to do more Kegel’s exercises? The problem might be that you’re too puny to satisfy her.

Has your partner ever asked if you “were in yet”? You’re likely not meeting her needs.

Do you catch your partner playing with her iPad during sex, or watching Jay Leno over your shoulder? It’s not because you’re a lazy inattentive lover—you’re too small for her to feel.

While you pound away at her, your partner sighs wistfully as she reads Facebook messages from the guy she’s going to fuck tomorrow. If your penis measured up she’d pay more attention to you than to her gmail account.

Your partner spends an extra long time in the dildo section at your local sex store. She’d stop looking at polyethylene pricks if you did something about the miniscule proportions of yours.

Women will tell you “it’s not the size that counts.” but they also claim they like “guys with personality.” Notice how many beauties are on the arms of stockbrokers and muscular ‘bad boy’ jerks, then take a second to think how many of your sweet-but-dorky male friends have gorgeous girlfriends. Not many! Women say size does not matter, but we’re here to let you in on a secret, those few average-looking friends of yours with cute girlfriends have them for one reason only: they’re hung. They have the eight or more inches every woman needs to reach orgasm. If you can’t compete, you’re not in the ballgame.

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